Prepare to learn a lot from this Frequently Asked Questions page that we have created for you. Here is where the most common questions about our website and about our marketplace are collected. In that way, we have the assurance that you are going to be well-guided in navigating through our website. We accept more questions from you. In case your questions are not yet addressed here, you can always send us an email. You are free to contact us via the details found at our Contact Us page.

Q. How long is the shipping supposed to take?
A. For shipping, it depends. At most, it will be about 10 working days if it is located outside the United States. Otherwise, you can receive easily your purchases within 5 working days if they are only located in the country.

Q. What mode of payment do you accept?
A. For the mode of payment, you can pay for your purchases via PayPal and via major credit card companies such as Visa, Master Card, American Express, and via Discovery. We do not facilitate cash-on-delivery payments and payment using BitCoin. So please be advised.

Q. Can I return the item if it is not at par with my expectations?
A. You can only return the item within 5 working days after you purchased it as long as it is unopened and the packaging is intact. Also, we do not accept change of mind as a reason to return our items. You can only return our items if they did not pass the quality assurance test or if they are already expired upon arrival at your place.

Q. How long for refunds to take place?
A. If you have a product for a refund, you can always get back your payment within 10 banking days. You can either have it as a credit to be used in our store or you can also have it the same way you made the transaction.