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Flavr Box | About Us

Flavr Box is an online marketplace that caters to an assortment of unique food products that you will not usually find in any regular stores in your area. We created this mainly for those business owners who have no capability of selling their products at a bigger market. Nowadays, we know that everything has a price. Every single move that you do requires you to pay for it and that includes putting up a store. As such, we want to create a much cheaper alternative especially for start-ups that have a lot of potentials. We want to give them a platform that will enable them to reach their target market and start from there. This is how Flavr Box was born.

To date, Flavr Box already has over a hundred of sellers in our platform. All of them cater to many different products including chocolates, gourmet foods, jams, pickled fruit and vegetables, organic bread, snacks, and others. We even have an assortment of alcoholic beverages and wines. These are both local and international produced. This makes it easier to get ahold of products even if they are only available overseas. That is our dedication to you.

Here at Flavr Box, everything is made even better. This is because we are in partnership with many different types of couriers who make it possible to send to you your purchases within just a few days. This makes it more convenient for you especially for the rush gift items that you will get from this website. Also, we have now a broader reach even encompassing those countries in another part of the world and we are still growing.
Stay tuned on this website so you can check out what we are up to when it comes to the products and services that we offer. We are always glad to serve you.